Cyd Mitchell, Sugar Coin Academy

Believe it or not, tax season is not the only time that you should be looking at your money! In such a creative field, it is super easy to take an ostrich approach and try to ignore your bookkeeping. However, if you don't start looking at the numbers in your business on a monthly basis, your business will never achieve its full potential. Your income is not the only measure of financial success, and receipts are not the only thing you need to monitor about your business expenses.

Stop being intimidated by the numbers, and learn straight forward techniques for monitoring the financial health of your baking and sweet making business. In this session, Accountant and Financial Analyst Cyd Mitchell will show you the steps you can take today to get financially organized in your business. From Software Recommendations to life hacks for getting a better understanding of how good (or bad) you're doing in your cake business.

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