How much should I charge for a cake?

Pricing is one of the top issues in running any type of business. Set the price too low, and you could go out of business because you don't have enough money to cover your expenses. If you set your price too high, then you could go out of business because you don't have enough sales pricing for sure is a tricky little beast.

However, just like with most things in business, pricing is all about having the right formula. “Cover your costs then add a profit!” That's literally it when it comes to pricing, but the issue most people have is understanding their cost. So in this post, we're gonna chat about what to include when it comes to setting a price for your products.

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4 Time Saving Tips for Social Media

Building a community on social media isn’t difficult, but it can be time consuming because it requires consistency and engagement.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your social media, but if you use the following tips you’ll be able to manage your time and not feel like you’re spending your entire day dealing with social media.

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5 Tips for Selling Holiday Cocoa Bombs

If you’re on social media for longer than 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Hot Cocoa Bomb season is upon us. Hot Cocoa Bombs are coffee mug sized spheres of chocolate filled with hot cocoa powder and other mixins that basically are an interactive way for your customers to make a single serving of hot chocolate.

As popular as Hot Cocoa Bombs are during this time of year, you may have questions about how you can make money in your business or cake side hustle when it comes to these little balls of chocolatey goodness. So to help you out, I’m sharing 5 business tips to help you with marketing and selling your hot cocoa bombs online

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Top 5 Blogging Ideas for the Holidays

During the holidays, folks are hungry for activities and other hidden gems to share with their family and loved ones. If you’re looking for content to share on your social media or blog, this is the perfect time to position yourself as a resource to your customers by sharing holiday ideas and inspiration.

Here are five great social media or blog ideas to share during the upcoming holidays.

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Less Work, More Coins: The Art of Upselling

We've been talking a lot lately about how to stand out in your sweet business. We've thrown out ideas about hand-written thank you cards for customers and follow-up emails after delivery, and these have all been excellent ideas.

However, it just occurred to me today, that we should also talk about how to use product offerings as a way to stand out.

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Cottage Food Laws: Questions to ask when going "legal" in your state

It has been said that all Sweet Makers start out "illegal" and then go "legal" once they are sure that this sweet making thing is going to be a legit business.

 That statement basically means that rarely does a Sweet Maker start selling treats with all of there ducks in a row, and by ducks I mean paperwork!

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