The Global pandemic shifted everything about how we live our everyday life. All of a sudden working and schooling from home became the norm, and we all had to learn how to make adjustments. Whether you're new to working from home or haven't quite found a rhythm yet, we could all use some WFH tips to help make the mental side of our work life a little more manageable. So, here are a few work from home tips that I had to learn the hard way!

4 Tips to make working from home easier

  1. Create a separate workspace
  2. Create a To-Do List
  3. Set a Schedule
  4. Give yourself permission to take breaks

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#1 Create a separate workspace

Creating a separate workspace my a be easier said than done, but I promise it will be worth your sanity. Even if you live a small house or apartment, get creative when it comes to designating a work area. This space doesn't have to be a completely different room than your family room. It can be something as simple as a corner of the living room with a desk, lamp, chair and office supplies.

Your brain and body are use to going to work and then coming home to rest. However, when work is at home, you have to trick your brain into separating the times by having a work space which replaces the office. I know you may have a favorite chair or comfy sofa, but if you do work in that area long enough your brain will have a hard time shutting off work and switching into chill mode and vise versa.

#2 Create a to-do list

There will always be something to do! It could be a big project or smaller admin type items. At every job I've ever had, there has always been some task that could occupy my time or my downtime. Therefore, it helps to identify things that you need to do during the day or work week to keep you on track.

If you have a job with deadlines or in your own business if you have client orders, creating a list can be pretty straight forward. However, for those items that seem to be on-going projects such as designing a website or creating flyers, try to set goal deadlines so that the projects to drag on unfinished forever. You may not finish everything on the list, and you may end up doing some things that aren't on the list at all. However, creating a list is a great way to start.

#3 Set a schedule

Remember back in the day when you had the school bell to tell you that it was time to go to AP History or Algebra? Try to use that same technique to help keep yourself on track when it comes to working from home. Set up 2 - 3 hour blocks of time to work on items from your to-do list.

You can even use the alarm on your phone to remind you of the time blocks and task changes. This will help keep you focused and add variety to the routine.

#4 Take Breaks (During the day and in life *period*)

Give yourself permission to take breaks! During the work day, don't forget to move, stretch, eat and stay hydrated. Decreased activity can be a natural part of working from home. So, stay aware of bad habits related to sitting too long or not eating right.

Also...outside of the workday, if the pandemic has taught us nothing else it is to live in the moment and enjoy the company of those you love. So, find the silver lining in this whole #stayinplace situation, and be open to having free time to enjoy your family, your favorite shows or any other thing that you love to do but haven't had time to do in awhile.