5 Blogging Ideas for the Holidays

During the holidays, folks are hungry for activities and other hidden gems to share with their family and loved ones. If you’re looking for content to share on your social media or blog, this is the perfect time to position yourself as a resource to your customers by sharing holiday ideas and inspiration. Blogging is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. However, when you’re new to blogging it's easy to draw a blank when it comes to what topics to share on your blog. That’s why in this post I’m sharing five blogging ideas to help you market your business this holiday season.

5 Holiday Blogging Ideas for Bakeries & Small Businesses

  1. Create a list of fun family activities
  2. Share holiday movie suggestions
  3. Share a list of holiday events
  4. Curate a "Support Local" Gift Guide
  5. Share your year in review

#1 Fun family activities

Create a list of activities that families can enjoy during the holidays and include your product as number ONE on the list. If you sell a cookie or cupcake kit, this idea will be a perfect fit for your business. 

Create a list of about five activities that families can do together such as board games, puzzles and card games. Think back on childhood memories and draw from your own experiences to help you create the list. Just make sure that activity number one is that cupcake or cookie kit that you provide in your business. This post should include a link that goes directly to a place where readers can easily purchase that item from your website.

#2 Holiday Movie Suggestions

Let's be real, who doesn't love a great holiday movie binge fest?

Create a blog post that curates a list of maybe five to ten holiday movie favorites to help get your tribe into a nostalgic mood. Since most people enjoy movies with snacks, slide in a nice subliminal message that directs the reader back to your website where they can purchase treats to enjoy during their holiday movie night.

#3 Share Local Holiday Events

Most communities are buzzing with activities during the holiday season. In fact, you might be participating in an event or two towards the end of the year. Support your community while informing your tribe by sharing a list of local or virtual holiday events. If you’re hosting a Santa Meet & Greet or a Winter Festival, make sure to include your event at the top of the list.

#4 Support Local Gift Guide

Create a “Support Local” gift guide and spotlight other vendors from your community. This is a great way to pull resources and collaborate with several other local vendors who are also providing great holiday gifts. Create social media flyers. Send out email blasts as well as tag the other vendors on social media. Make sure to connect with the other vendors first to make sure that they are on board with promoting the guide to their audience. That way you will both get access to the other’s tribe and broaden your reach. 

#5 Year in Review

The holidays are also a great time to reflect on all of the great accomplishments and fun memories from the year. Take time to create a blog post that shares the big wins, firsts and highlights from the year. Make sure to include a thank you to your customers and let them know how much you appreciated their support this year and look forward to serving them more in the years to come.

If we consider the holidays to be from November 1 through January 1, these five blogging ideas can definitely take you through the 9 weeks of the holiday season. Don’t forget your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and it gives you an opportunity to promote your business without feeling salesy. If you decide to use any ideas, make sure to tag me on social media. I’d love to support your posts.


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