We've been talking a lot lately about how to stand out in your sweet business. We've thrown out ideas about hand-written thank you cards for customers and follow-up emails after delivery, and these have all been excellent ideas. However, it occurred to me today that we should also talk about how to use product offerings as a way to stand out.

When I recommend using product offerings to stand out, the first thing you will probably think of is adding edible items to your menu. Well, yes...that is one way to do it...BUT...what about decorations and non-edible party items??

Think about it. What birthday boy or girl, future bride or graduating senior doesn't feel special when they see their name printed at their party...and I'm not just talking about the invitations. I am talking about a banner or sign that announces the celebration!

What if I told you that you can offer that to your customers without any extra cost to you??

Sweet Peeps...I introduce to you customizable banners and signs from Amazon.

Did you even know that Amazon offered custom items? Yeah, it was a new concept to me too. I came across the products randomly one day, but I figured it would be the perfect concept to share with those who specialize in weddings, bridal/baby showers, birthdays and other celebrations.

I've built an area in my Amazon store that shows examples of signs and banners that you can easily customize on behalf of your customer and offer as an add-on item in your business.

As a savvy business owner, it's great to think of ways that you can add value to your customer without adding a ton of extra work on your part.

The basic idea is that you add a selection of banner or sign options to your list of services. Set a price that will (1) cover the total cost of the item including taxes and shipping, and (2) includes extra money for your efforts. 😉

My pro-tip is that you order a few signs in advance so that you can check out the quality and test the turnaround time. Then, when you start offering the signs to your customers you'll also have samples on hand. If you're not a fan of Amazon and you want to support local, form a similar arrangement with an artisan who creates custom signs. The concept can work in the exact same way.

The awesome part about this add-on is that you can roll out offering signage at your leisure. Start with weddings and if that's a hit try birthdays & graduations. The other great part is that you won't have to keep any extra product on hand that may or may not sell. Just make sure that you allow for delivery time. Also, I strongly recommend collecting an upfront deposit when offering this service so that you won't have to come out of pocket.

Final tip...if you offer this personalization as a new service and your customer asks if you make these items yourself, you can be open with them by saying that you use a vendor or 3rd party printer. Just like you wouldn't share the name of your grocery store, you shouldn't feel obligated to share the name of your signage vendor.

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