Do you Summer Sweep? Cleaning for your Photos

09 July 2018

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So when was the last time you updated yours?

The items that we created when we initially started our businesses probably look nothing like the items that we currently produce. Which means that our pictures from 2 years ago, probably aren't the best representation of our work today.

So how often do you conduct photo sweeps?

What is a photo Sweep?

A photo sweep is when you revisit every one of your social media accounts, and you remove the old to better showcase the new. Boring? Time consuming ? Yes! However, it's also needed!!

Below are some common places where you should conduct photo sweeps, and reasons why it could help your business.

#1 Instagram.

Instagram is said to be one of the top resources for gaining new clients. Not only does your page get you followers, but it also helps you convert those followers into paying clients. However, did you know that you are only as good as your last nine pictures?

That's right. Nine pictures are the first pics people see when they log in to your Instagram page. So, make sure that you have an aesthetic that flows well and is consistent with your current brand message. Have you taken a class? Improved your skill set? Go through and delete photos that are no longer up to par. Believe it or not, when someone is looking to hire you they look at EVERYTHING!

#2 Wedding Sites

Directories such as Wedding Wire and The Knot are great for putting your business in front of potential brides. But what exactly is it that they are seeing. Too often i find we nurture social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook and forget to take care of the other properties we are posted on. Want more brides? Want higher clientele? What are showing them? Brides usually turn to sites they know that specialize in weddings, so as you do newer cakes that are crisper and sharper in detail with your work go to these sites and replace older pictures. Always put your best face forward. Think quality and not quantity, it is better to have 10 bangin photos then 30 pieces of practice crap.

#3 Your Website

I am always amazed at people who have not touched their website since it was first activated. Your website is like your storefront, especially if you are home based. Be sure that you remove older work so that your site is displaying the image that you want it to have.

Remember good design is just good business. People connect emotionally with what you show them.

So, always make sure to put your best foot forward. First impressions are everything, especially with food!

Oh, and don't forget...customers eat with their eyes!

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