07 July 2019

Summer is a great time to be more social in your community. Since children transition from being in school to out of school, there is often an influx of summer activities for both little ones and parents.

Aside from fun activities for children, summer is also full of corporate team building activities and community outdoor festivals.

The question is how can your business benefit from the summer activity wave that sweeps through your community?

Keep reading to discover three tips to help boost your brand awareness during the summer months.

#2 Party Time!!

One way to gain more clients is by simply meeting more people. Check out your local Facebook events section and be sure to search on other event platforms, such as Eventbrite. We've found that both newbie and seasoned bakers simply do not have a strategy for getting out in their community, which is why we talk so much about community involvement in the Sugar Coin Academy. We've shared classes on developing your pitch, engaging in your community and putting yourself out there. Once you create your own strategy, get out and get your party on and find new people to incorporate into your growing network.


I am a firm believer in giving!!! Setting aside a budget to share your products with others is extremely valuable for a number of reasons. There are multiple ways that you can give in order to grow your brand awareness.

Look into sponsorships. It can be tricky to find the right fit, but make sure to do your research to verify that you're working with a legitimate event or company with the right connections.

We have a full masterclass inside of Sugar Coin Academy that covers, what to look for in sponsorships, what to avoid and how to prepare. If you are a member be sure to log in and view this before making plans. [Check out Episode 3 of the Marketing Monday Segment to learn more.]

Also consider offering a service as a door prize or gift. These are very popular with charitable foundations, and it is a great way to put your items front and center for all to see.

So which one will you try? Whichever you decide, being cool with your community this summer is a sure fire way to heat up your summer sales!

Need More Sweet Business Help?

There's more to growing a baking/sweets business than making a delicious & beautiful product. You also need to know how to design a profitable menu, win new clients, price appropriately, and cover yourself with a contract when something goes wrong. You won't learn everything overnight, but you definitely need to connect yourself with the right resources that will help you get there one step at a time.

The Sugar Coin Academy is a collection of bakery & sweet business trainings designed with Bakery & Sweet Business owners in mind. Within the academy, you will gain exclusive access to video trainings, industry insights, and business coaching to help you grow a profitable baking and sweets busienss. Click the button below to learn more!