02 May 2018

Do you know the number one thing that you should be nurturing in your business? It isn’t your marketing plan or your menu offerings. Honestly, it’s you!

You would be shocked to know how many people admit that on a regular basis, they really don't take care of themselves like they should.

I get it. Honestly I can tell you, you never know how hard you work until you start working for yourself!

We are always thinking, dreaming, strategizing about the next thing in our business. We bust out a gazillion orders on the weekends, prep for them during the week and then we (most of us) have to work a full time job, take care of kids, or make dinner for a starving spouse.

We do so much for our business and others that often we fail to give ourselves any thought or decompression time.

Truth be told. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Unless you have figured out a way to clone yourself, your business cannot survive without you.

Self care is so critical in this industry! We are often standing on our feet at events for long periods of time, excessively using our hands, and bending our backs.

So here is an honest question, have you ever taken a moment to pencil yourself in on the calendar?

You are just as important as any piece of chocolate you dip or cake you make. Below are a few tips to help with unwinding and encouraging wellness so that you can operate with a stress free business and be on top of your game.

#4 Head to your nearest beauty school.

This one is my favorite, since I am frugal as heck lol. I love students in training, you get the service you need for almost half the cost. Check out schools like Aveda, Remington College, Virginia College, and other community colleges in your area. If they have a massage parlor you can often get a good rub down for an amazing price. Also don’t forget those tosies! Ask for a senior student because the last thing you want is for someone to shank up your heels.

#5 Don't forget your bomb!

Bath bombs have so many amazing oils in them. I like the brand Detox at Whole Foods. Using bath bombs pair wonderfully with a glass of wine while in the tub, if you like to sip away the stress as well.

#6 Get some good shoes.

I cannot stress how important it is to have good quality shoes! Your posture is important and the foundation of that posture begins with your shoes. Invest in a great pair of shoes to wear while in the kitchen and say goodbye to baking bare foot or in flip flops.

There are tons of other de-stress methods out there. Don't can never not love yourself enough! Make sure to take a few moments to at least give one of these a try!

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