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18 July 2017

As temperatures rise all over the country during the summer months, people look for yummy treats that will cool them down.

This is where the B Sweet Dessert Bar found themselves in trouble. Located in Los Angeles, California, B Sweet’s founder Chef Barb Batiste found that their usually sought after bread pudding wasn’t getting the same attention in the hot summer months.

The Halo, a ice cream filled doughnut, is their solution. Chef Batiste’s late father’s passing inspired her to create The Halo and offer it to the public. Known for their ube flavored cakes and ice cream along with their bread pudding, B Sweet Desert Bar added the Halo to its menu, and this newest menu item has drawn new excitement to their location in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of @mybsweet on Instagram

Here’s what we’re all thinking. How did they become so successful?

The ube flavored ice cream mentioned before, is more than just a showcase of Batiste’s Filipino heritage. The first thing people notice about ube is it's bright purple color. It is made from the purple yam, which is popular in the Philippines. Batiste, herself, describes this ube ice cream as the Haagen Dazs of the Philippines, according to Also, because of the rich cultural diversity in Los Angeles, B Sweets is able to make it big where there is so many different kinds of food to try in every part of the city.

Courtesy of @mybsweet on Instagram

How can this help in your sweet Business?

By using their location, and ingredients made popular in the Philippines, B Sweet Dessert Bar made it possible to have a one of kind dessert that would have people searching for it high and low.

Batiste quickly found that her new creation would also bring the need for some education in regards to her heritage, especially when it came to being able to say “ube.” So, she decided to offer free samples to potential customers to give them a chance to try the new product before buying. This isn’t a new selling tactic for many ice cream shops, but this allowed the company to introduce the brightly colored ube flavor that has since become a popular choice of B Sweet’s customers. By doing this, Batiste will more than likely be able to see her new creation become a recommended item which will help her Dessert Bar’s popularity grow.

This goes to show that anyone can have success if they use what they already know and apply it their business. People will appreciate your hard work, if you spend the time to explain or show them why they should! B Sweets used their founder’s heritage and already known knowledge of the ube flavor and developed a treat that LA locals didn't even know they would love!

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